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POINT-TO-POINT vs. MEAP – The Right Approach for an Integrated Mobility Solution


Enterprise mobility has transformed the way businesses engage with customers, partners and staff while exchanging critical information. Innovative applications are only part of an overall mobility solution – integrating them with existing systems in a scalable manner is equally important and can be even more challenging.

There are two commonly used approaches for building integrated mobility solutions: Point-to-point integration and Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP).

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The two most popular enterprise mobility deployment techniques are:

1. Point-to-Point:  An application deployment technique which allows mobile users within the organization to perform a business operation and engage with co-workers and customers. It is mainly designed for smaller organizations.














2. Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP): An application middleware designed specifically for mobile enterprise application users. It allows controlled access to all mobile applications hosted on a particular platform. Employees and enterprise customers can access and exchange data from any mobile device to perform a number of business operations.

Here is a whitepaper, which explains why an enterprise mobility integrated solution is needed, describes and explains the two approaches, and provides a guide for how to choose the right mobility integration technique for your organization.The paper also examines various MEAP platforms available and the key differences between popular platforms. To learn more, download the Whitepaper. Click Here

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