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RapidValue Named as a Leader in Mobile App Daily’s Exclusive Annual Report – Top 50+ IoT Companies to Lookout for in Nov 2020


Top IoT Company

Mobile App Daily has created a list of the companies that have been doing ground- breaking work in the field of developing IoT technologies in 2020 and RapidValue has been named as a ‘Leader’ and included in their exclusive annual report of “Top 50+ IoT Companies to Lookout for in Nov 2020”

Over the past few years, people have witnessed the remarkable potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and how it utilizes network sensors to transmit data across different devices and platforms. Organizations are trying to make people’s life easier and using IoT technologies that work well with the scheme of lifestyle utilities.

MOBILE APP DAILY has thus, curated a list of IoT companies that have been providing and developing newer ways to successfully utilize these technologies to the hilt. RapidValue is acknowledged and named a ‘MobileAppDaily Leader’ in the list of 50+ top IoT companies, along with its complete expertise.

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RapidValue has helped enterprises across industries transform their business by building smart solutions leveraging Mobile, Cloud and IoT.

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