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RapidValue Wins the KelpHR PoSH Safe Workplace Award



On the 22nd of January, RapidValue Solutions was awarded the Safe Workplace Award at the KelpHR PoSh Awards. RapidValue has always taken pride in being a safe organization for its associates and has taken measures to ensure that it remains the same. 

“RapidValue strictly follows a policy of zero tolerance towards harassment of any kind irrespective of the gender. We have internal training and sessions across all our locations and also corporate communication to spread awareness. We consider it very important to provide a safe and conducive environment for our associates and this award stands as testimony to our efforts,” says Aravind Warrier, Senior HR Manager, RapidValue.

KelpHR Posh Award

The PoSH policy is revamped every year to eliminate any possible consequences and workplace etiquette training is given to all associates. Being an open culture environment, RapidValue offers different ways for employees to come forward and report their cases. There are differently designed workshops to educate about the seriousness and responsibilities towards PoSH at the workplace for two segments; the millennial and leadership group. Understanding the stigma that surrounds sexual harassment, the organization takes all possible measures to destigmatize it and encourage associates to speak up against harassment of any kind. To ensure safety, the attendance is checked methodically to find if any of the associates leave the office late on a regular basis. Transportation facilities are provided for all associates from the evening. The PoSH policy has been implemented impeccably that there have been no complaints filed in the past three years. 

“Personally I believe that it is very important to work at a safe and supportive workplace. Working at RapidValue for the past four years, there has not been a single instance where I experienced a violation of my rights. It makes me proud to state that the organization doesn’t tolerate harassment and also takes strict measures against it, irrespective of who the perpetrator is. The consistent efforts taken by the team in charge of PoSH in ensuring the safety of all associates have shown outstanding results in the form of a very comfortable work environment,” says Debashree Panda, Senior HR Manager, RapidValue.

In a recent survey conducted on the 18th of October, 2019 all of the RapidValue employees unanimously responded stating that the organization does a good job of preventing sexual harassment and discrimination. RapidValue received the ‘Safe Workplace Award’ on account of their dedication and hard work in ensuring that all the employees feel comfortable at their workplace.

PoSh Award

About KelpHR PoSH Awards

Incorporated in 2013, KelpHR recognized the need to honor and facilitate organizations for their active work with PoSH. Their PoSH awards are India’s first-ever awards ceremony to recognize and reward companies for the best Prevention of Sexual Harassment practices.

KelpHR Posh Award

PoSH Award

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