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Regulations and Compliance for Mobile Healthcare Applications


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The rapid explosion of mobile platforms and adoption of smart devices have provided greater flexibility and opportunity for physicians and other staff at hospitals to deliver real-time information at the Point of care.

Mobile Healthcare, or what is more commonly called as mHealth, has created a channel to facilitate, communicate and deliver healthcare services via mobile communication devices. Over the last few months, increasing number of mHealth apps have gained traction, that help physicians and other healthcare providers to keep track of reference drugs, monitor patient health records and status, and manage schedules. While this provides a plethora of opportunities and possibilities for healthcare organizations to reduce costs and improve efficiency, this increased mobility trend has created new challenges towards healthcare IT.

According to ‘Research and Markets’, the market for mobile health applications and associated devices will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 61% to reach $26 billion in revenue by 2017. However, healthcare organizations and software firms looking to make investments in mobile applications need to assess implications of HIPAA and FDA in order to protect patient health information and ensure compliance are met.

Enclosed is a whitepaper on this topic by RapidValue Solutions. This paper outlines some of the key evaluation criteria on regulations and security considerations in healthcare sector that need to be addressed while implementing mobility solutions. The paper also provides a guide for healthcare organizations and their IT department, to assess and identify basic requirements, help healthcare organizations reduce risk, improve operational efficiency and achieve compliance goals to enable them to provide a higher quality of patient care.

The healthcare industry has mandated a few regulations and compliance (such as HIPAA, HITEC Act and FDA) to ensure patient information is safe. The whitepaper combines industry’s best practices along with RapidValue’s experience in implementing solutions for many customers. To know more, click here and download the whitepaper.

Dilip Chatulingath
Engagement Manager, RapidValue Solutions

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