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Retailers are observing increased web traffic, which is driven to their site through mobile devices. There have been improvements and innovations in technology to meet increased consumer demand. It is now convenient for consumers to shop online and to review and provide feedback regarding online purchases. Implementing mobile applications that are connected to back-end systems is essential for retailer to compete in today's connected marketplace.

Retail Digital Solutions

Enterprise Digital Solutions

Sales Floor Assistant App

Sales Personnel with access to any store related information are more inclined to serve customers better.

Mobile POS

In an effort to promote “Linebusting”, retailers now empower employees with mPOS devices.

Inventory App

Tracking of real-time inventory information through these apps has resulted in better customer service and increased brand loyalty.

In-Store Audits Apps

The In Store Audit app can also have features to capture images of the audit violations as proof, thereby increasing accountability.

Dashboard App

These apps are directed towards providing dashboard information to CXOs who can get a “bird’s eye view” of the organization.

Self-service HRMS App

Employees can view and manage their HR related information – update personal information, get salary information, have access to information updates, check recruitment applications etc.

Consumer Digital Solutions

Mobile Commerce App

Mobile devices like iPhone and iPad have created a vibrant and a new channel for commerce.

In-Store Catalogue App

Retailers can empower their consumers with In Store Catalogue Apps that can be accessed from their smartphone devices.

Inventory App

Tracking of real-time inventory information through these apps has resulted in better customer service and increased brand loyalty.

In-Store Navigation App

Retailers commonly face low loyalty among customers who will leave the stores if they do not find a particular product that they are looking for.

Location-based Marketing App

With the increased proliferation in the retail segment, there is an increasing need to attract customers and encourage spending among the customers.

Price Listing App

This application enables customers to obtain more information and data in order to make informed decisions on product selection & purchases, resulting in improved customer experience.

Digital Product Engineering for the Retail Sector

From building the digital transformation roadmap to designing, developing, testing and deploying the solution, we help retail companies across the product development lifecycle. We have strong retail domain expertise and customizable solutions accelerators that help you achieve faster time-to-market. We help several RetailTech firms and product startups in the retail sector in building amazing retail applications.

  • Legacy Modernization: We have helped several retail firms with re-engineering their legacy systems and platforms by leveraging the power of Mobile and Cloud, resulting in improved customer experience.
  • Native Mobile Application Development: We have built several e-commerce and shopping applications on iOS and Android, which have been downloaded by millions of users. These applications are built with several features which include safe & secure transactions, easy payment & checkout, digital loyalty coupons, third-party integrations etc.
  • System Integration: Leveraging our strong enterprise integration capabilities, we can help integrate your retail applications with third-party systems and platforms, which can help you improve customer experience and leverage channels to improve sales and promotions.

Building abof’s iOS app from the very beginning with RapidValue was a great and exciting journey. RapidValue brings tremendous value to the table, in terms of best mobile UX and architecture principles, and a lot of experience in building eCommerce apps. Their expertise helped us launch a great and feature-rich app in a desired time-frame. The team was extremely adaptable to navigate the usual challenges of a startup like ours. They could quickly learn our still evolving tech landscape and integrate with it in a seamless fashion.

Mahesh Tiyyagura, CTO, abof
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