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SAP acquires Sybase – Validates Enterprise Mobility’s potential value?


Just when we thought we are done with the big changes in the mobility landscape for a while after the HP’s purchase of Palm – comes the news ‘SAP laps up Sybase’ – This is certainly an interesting piece of news, even in this fast-changing landscape. SAP gains a solid enterprise mobility platform, ranked as #1 by Gartner. As for Sybase, this increases the potential market manifold, with all SAP customers now potential customers for Sybase products installation.

SAP had already realized the value of getting their applications to smart-phones, when they signed up partnerships with Sybase in 2009. SAP was also actively promoting a number of app developers who are developing enterprise apps that fit onto SAP.

This final move validates the market potential for enterprise mobility and the value that it holds in the coming years. Who do you think Oracle will buy in answer? Let us know your thoughts.

Rajesh P


RapidValue Solutions

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