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Simplifying IoT Application Development using Azure Hub – Step by Step Guide


Hello connected world! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a smart coffee maker, a smart refrigerator, connected cars, smarter energy management systems, intelligent fleet tracking and many such things? With Internet of Things (IoT) technology growing leaps and bounds, we are moving towards a future where devices have become smarter and humans are in control of the devices. As this technology brings in a lot of curiosity and uncertainty among people and enterprises alike, many startups and global corporations are embarking on a journey to build innovative IoT applications.

“Business Insider predicts that total business spending on IoT solutions will reach $6 trillion by 2021.”

This paper illustrates a step by step approach on building an IoT application without using complex hardware. This paper is a guide for technical and non- technical professionals to get started on IoT development. It explains how you can build and try out a basic solution using a simulator device on your PC that can send trigger events to the Azure IoT Hub rather than having a need to buy or build an actual hardware device.

There are various IoT platforms like Predix, AWS, ThingWorx, Azure, IBM Watson etc. with different capabilities available in the market which provide quick deployment of IoT applications. You can select the platform based on your business requirements and existing IT systems that your enterprises use, along with other aspects such as functionality, protocols supported, scalability, security and adaptability. For demonstration purpose, we have tried to outline a methodical approach to build a basic IoT application on top of Azure platform using simulated device. This can trigger sensor’s readings. Readers can try a similar approach on other platforms as well.

How does IOT work? – To find out more, download the whitepaper.

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