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Accessibility Testing using Axe


Axe Accessibility Testing

You are aware that Accessibility Testing is the practice of making the web and mobile apps usable to as many people as possible. It makes apps accessible to those with disabilities, such as vision impairment, hearing disabilities, and other physical or cognitive conditions. You have to perform the Accessibility Testing to meet the needs of all the users. As per the law – the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Section 508, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you have plenty of regulations to meet. One needs to ensure that the applications work with screen readers, speech recognition software, screen magnification, and more.

This article delves deeper into the concept of Accessibility Testing and discusses what needs to be tested as part of accessibility, importance of Accessibility Testing, and how you can achieve Accessibility Testing using Axe for web applications.

Importance of Accessibility Testing

In Accessibility Testing, you not only check the usability, but also, how the application would be used by the people with Visual, Auditory, Motor, Cognitive and Speech Disabilities. Accessibility Testing is important for businesses to enable and make their critical web applications and mobile applications to be easily accessible even to people with disabilities. As per the publishing of Web Accessibility Testing Initiative, the WCAG aims to make the website easily understandable, accessible, and usable on all platforms. Also, WCAG is a definitive guideline that should be followed by businesses during the website development which is achieved by leveraging Accessibility Test, as this helps in many ways such as:

  • To make the website easily accessible for users with challenges or disabilities.
  • To attract the users and increase the company market share.
  • To be accessible for users with low-bandwidth.
  • To make the website and the information available for the users across regions.

Pre-requisites for Accessibility Testing

In the Accessibility Testing, you need to focus mainly on following areas:

  • Text contrast, also ratio between text or images and background color
  • Hit area size
  • View hierarchy of UI, determines how easy the Android app is to navigate
  • Dynamic font size
  • HTML validation
  • Headings in the application
  • Alternate text in the images
  • Captions and transcripts for audio and video content
  • Skip navigation option for people with mobility impairment
  • Link text
  • Form labels should be accessible with valid tooltip
  • Keyboard operations for dynamic elements such as drop down
  • PDF files on the web page need to be verified

Accessibility Testing is one of the important types of testing that add value to your business and deliver user friendly applications. Axe Core is a very powerful framework that can help the team to build web products that are inclusive.

In this article, different ways to test the Accessibility and the automation part have been discussed in full length. Hope this throws some light on the concept of testing the Accessibility and the implementations. Please try to utilize this while carrying out and utilizing Accessibility Testing.

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Sanoj S
Test Architect, RapidValue

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