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AngularJS Project Setup: A Step-by-Step Guide



AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework. It is intended to make the implementation of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) easier and convenient. AngularJS is created and maintained by Google. It is relatively, a new JavaScript framework, which is designed to make the front-end development as simple as possible. AngularJS is a useful tool for standardizing the web application structure and it provides a future template to ensure that the client-side applications are developed much effectively.

I have been working on AngularJS for a while now, and have read many tutorials and blogs on it. I could never find any article which gives a clear, concise and step-by-step guide to create the project structure and execute the project. So, I have written this document which will help you to create the Project structure and then execute it in a simple manner.

To learn about AngularJS, Download the step-by-step guide document


Gourav Ajmani,

Technical Lead, RapidValue Solutions

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