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AWS EC2 Ubuntu Instance – Deploying Python Django on Apache with virtualenv


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Ubuntu Server is lean, fast and powerful. Its services are reliable, predictable and economical. It is the perfect base on which you can build your instances. Django is a web framework which is written in Python. One can easily guess that everything, in Django, is also done in Python. Django was developed to simplify the creation of database driven sites. The best feature in Django is that it, probably, is the fastest website framework to create a fully functioning website.

This article will help you fetch details about the Ubuntu based AWS EC2 instance. You need to deploy the Python (2.7) based REST Services in Apache webserver. The core of application is Python DJango framework, which uses a custom virtual environment (vitualenv). The Apache uses mod_wsgi for connecting the WSGI application and mod_sec for security purposes.

Deploying Django with Apache and mod_wsgi is a method to get Django into production. mod_wsgi is an Apache module which is supposed to host any Python WSGI application, which includes Django. Django can work with any version of Apache that supports mod_wsgi.

Download this guide to understand the step-by-step deployment process.


Shahjahan Tapadar,

Sr. Software Architect, RapidValue


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