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Cross Browser Testing Using BrowserStack


BrowserStack is a cross-browser testing tool which allows users to test websites in 700+ desktop and mobile browsers. BrowserStack offers virtualization for:

  • Windows XP, 7 and 8
  • OSX Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Opera Mobile

OS X Lion

Depending on the operating system you choose, BrowserStack offers a number of supported browsers for the specific OS.

You can create URLs with the testing options as parameters. This helps you to, instantly, start a browser on BrowserStack. You can integrate these URLs into your application, bookmark them and also, share them with others.

Local testing allows you to test your private and internal servers, along with public URLs, using the BrowserStack Cloud. The BrowserStack Cloud has support for firewalls, proxies and Active Directory.


To learn more on BrowserStack Live, BrowserStack Automate and how it all works, download the document, by clicking on this link.

By Mary Geethu,
Automation Test Engineer, RapidValue

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