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Genius Scan SDK – The Efficient Document Scanner SDK for iOS


Genius Scan SDK iOS

Genius Scan SDK enables you to digitize and scan documents with the help of your phone, from wherever you are. Worried about glares or shadows? The smart algorithms automatically detect documents and apply perspective correction so that you can scan from any angle. Privacy is always a concern; thankfully, Genius Scan only stores your documents on your device, so you are in complete control.

Through this scanner SDK, you can scan any type of document within seconds from anywhere. Once done, your document can be converted into multi-page PDF files and sent, emailed or exported anywhere you want.

The SDK provides:

  • The Core Document Processing module, which applies image treatment to image objects.
  • The PDF Generation module, to create a PDF document from the processed images.
  • A higher-level UI module, that provides the main screens of a scanning application.

The SDK includes a licensing system and needs to be initialized with a key to work. Without it, all the methods included in the SDK will fail.

Features of Genius Scan SDK

  1. Multi-page PDF generation: Besides JPEG, the imaging SDK can turn your documents into multi-page PDF files. A text layer is added for indexing and searching. You can easily augment these PDFs with keywords and password-protect them. The user can add more pages, move pages around, and merge documents together.
  2. Quality: The perspective correction lets you obtain high-quality documents even if the user has captured an angled, distorted or skewed image.
    1. Powerful image filters: The Genius Scan SDK offers multiple filters to ensure the highest document quality.
    2. Customizable as needed: Let the SDK automatically detect the best filter to apply or manually apply the desired filter.
    3. Text recognition: The SDK iOS and Android libraries come with an OCR engine to extract text and layout from images. It can be combined with the PDF generator to make the text of documents searchable and selectable. The entire process is performed locally and currently supports 124 languages.
    4. Curvature correction: In addition to perspective correction, the SDK also offers curvature correction to fix curved or warped text.
    5. Offline processing: The Genius Scan algorithms run on your user’s device. You are in complete control of your documents.

    How to Integrate the SDK in iOS


    1. Drag and drop GSSDK.framework and optionally GSSDKScannerUI.framework and GSSDKOCR.framework into your project.
    2. Add them to the ‘Embedded binaries’ section of the General tab.
    3. Before submitting to the App Store, you will need to remove the x86_64 and i386 slices of the SDK; iTunes will reject any binary containing non-ARM code slices. To let you run the Genius Scan SDK on the simulator, we provide it as fat frameworks containing the x86_64 and i386 slices. You need to strip them out with a script like this one before submitting to the App Store. Make sure that you add this build phase after the Embed Framework phase of your project.

    With CocoaPods

    If you already use CocoaPods, you can use the Genius Scan SDK as a Pod. Just add the following line to your existing Podfile (Make sure you specify the correct SDK location)

    pod ‘GSSDK’, :podspec => ‘’

    The SDK is modular, so you can also include only the desired subspec: Core, OCR or ScannerUI.

    Configuring your Project

    Since the project uses some C++ code, you also need to link with the standard C++ library. In the project’s Build Phases, add libstdc++ in Link Binary with Libraries. Include the Genius Scan SDK header wherever you want to use it:

    #import <GSSDK/GSSDK.h>

    Build your project. You will find all the API documentation in the headers of the SDK.

    Configuring a License Key

    The SDK can run without a license key but will stop working after 60 seconds.

    You will need to initialize the SDK with your license key using the following command:

    NSError *error = nil;

    if (![GSK initWithLicenseKey:@”<YOUR LICENSE KEY>” error:&error]) {

    NSLog(@”Error while initializing the Genius Scan SDK: %@”, error); }

    This method will return a Boolean indicating whether the license key has been accepted and is still valid. If the license key has expired, a good practice is to show a message to your users, asking them to update the app.

    Genius Scan is a scanner in your pocket and it helps users digitize millions of documents on the go every day. No one wants to spend money on an expensive scanner or at a print shop. Genius Scan is the efficient document scanning app that meets all your document scanning needs. It is a simple, cross-platform document scanner, one app that makes it easy to keep a digital record of written information.

    Stanly Johnson
    Software Engineer, RapidValue

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