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How to Build an Android App for Document Collaboration with PDFTron SDK



PDFTron’s Android PDF Library is a comprehensive cross-platform PDF and Office SDK that allows you to write stand-alone, cross-platform and reliable commercial applications. PDFTron’s Android SDK contains out-of-box UI and API that allows you to create real-time document collaboration apps easily. This will let many users view the same PDF, Office or image file at the same time across their Android devices and communicate via highlights, signatures and other annotations.

Why PDFTron SDK?

  • It is accurate, reliable and fast.
  • Client-side or Server-based – It lets users view, annotate, fill forms, and edit PDFs — all entirely client-side, in a native app.
  • Fully Customizable UI/UX – Increase in adoption and productivity by simplifying the open source UI. You can match your desired look and feel.
  • Annotation & Collaboration – You can mark-up PDF with highlights, stamps and notes. It supports real-time collaboration, XFDF, and all PDF annotation types.
  • PDF Viewer – View most challenging PDFs with speed and reliability. Re-flow of content.
  • Conversion – You enjoy high-fidelity direct document conversion from 30+ file formats. It preserves quality, vector graphics, text, hyperlinks, colors, fonts, and metadata.
  • PDF Form Filling – It supports interactive form filling, FDF or programmatically create, pre-fill, sign, extract, and flatten PDF forms.
  • Edit & Manipulate – You can programmatically or interactively insert pages and content, append, split, remove, crop, reorder, rotate, export, edit, and do much more.
  • Digital Signatures – Sign PDFs using standard (and custom) Digital Signatures. Extract information for validation. Support multiple-signatures and XFDF.

PDFTron SDK is an advanced framework for displaying and annotating PDFs on Android. It brings a new collaborative document viewing experience to Android, making use of PDFTron’s powerful document viewing and editing features. PDFTron SDK is very straight forward, the interface is very easy to understand and all the features it offers are simple. Using the PDFTron APIs and a server, you can set up real time collaboration easily. It lets the users collaborate on documents across all platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Windows & more.

With PDFTron SDK, you can quickly provide document collaboration on 30+ file types in your application. PDFTron has a relatively stronger mobile platform when compared to the key competitors.

If you’re an Android developer and looking forward to learn how to integrate PDFTron SDK in an Android Application, click here to know how to do it right. This document aims to provide step-by-step procedures for you to learn how to create a real-time document collaboration app using the PDFTron Android SDK.

Jayasankar P M,
Senior Software Engineer, RapidValue

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