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How to Create Oracle XML Publisher Report with Parameters & Triggers


Oracle XML Report

Oracle XML Publisher is basically a template based publisher which helps in report design. In Oracle XML Publisher, the user gets the privilege to design the report output presented in different template files which helps the user in meeting the business requirements. On the successful completion of the concurrent program, the report is generated and the corresponding data merges with the designed template.

The report output appearance is determined by the designed template. System administrators can restrict the fields that end-users work with, within the spreadsheet and can create different layouts for different users.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits you obtain by using Oracle XML Publisher report with parameters and triggers:

  • It is user-friendly. He/she is able to design the layout as per his/her requirement.
  • It needs only 3 input values to generate the report, i.e. data to display, layout and final output type. (Pdf, Html etc.)
  • The XML data can either be extracted from any existing ones or you can create your own sample.
  • With minimal training, you can develop reports (the required layouts) with the help of XML.
  • XML Publisher can have multiple templates for one data definition or concurrent program.
  • You can deliver the data in the most efficient manner.

For instance, if a business user with minimal training prefers to build the layout and set the rules for the Sales Order Report, the same can be achieved with the help of XML publisher, which being a reporting tool helps the developers/engineers to extract the required data in the most efficient manner thus, making the deployment time faster.

This blog helps you to understand the process of creating a sales order report, using Oracle XML Publisher with parameters and triggers. A business user with preferences to build the layout and set rules for his report, can achieve the same with the help of XML publisher reporting tool by following the given set-ups and steps. Thus, the user solely has the privilege to design the report as per his requirements.

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Simble Saju
Software Engineer, RapidValue

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