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Implementing Oracle Application Testing Suite for Developing High-Quality EBS Applications


Oracle App Testing

The benefits of automation are well-known that include lowering IT costs, reducing errors, and freeing up time and effort for tasks that are better suited to human employees. It’s important to gather knowledge on how to take advantage of automation when using powerful (and complex) enterprise resource planning software like Oracle EBS. Businesses using automation in Oracle EBS have been able to shorten their financial reporting cycles, while also reducing manual effort. It’s time to get started reaping the benefits of Oracle EBS automation for your own organization.

Oracle EBS is a business process which has several numbers of modules. Each module is tightly integrated with some of other module. To do a manual testing for each module is a difficult task and Oracle releases new versions with additional functionality. In this case, you need to do manual testing once again and it is time consuming. If you use automation testing, it proves to be more reliable and accurate, significantly faster than manual testing.

What is Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)?

Oracle Application Testing Suite is a powerful tool, which provides integrated solution for ensuring application quality and performance of Web applications, Web services, Oracle application, Oracle database, Siebel etc. Oracle Application Testing Suite has an integrated development environment known as Open Script.

Oracle Application Testing Suite has three tightly integrated products.

  • Oracle Functional Testing: Functional and regression testing.
  • Oracle Load Testing: Used to measure scalability, performance and load testing.
  • Oracle Test Manager: Test requirement management, test management, test execution, defect tracking and reporting.

You can download each product separately.

System Requirements

  • System: x86, 32-bit or 64-bit processor, 2.6 GHZ or faster
  • Memory: Minimum 2 GB
  • Database: Oracle 11g or 12c

Oracle Functional Testing

Oracle functional testing is used to automate the functional and regression testing for web applications, web services and Oracle application. In Oracle functional testing, you can also perform load and performance testing.

You can perform Oracle functional testing using two tools.

  • Oracle Flow Builder
  • Open Script

Oracle Flow Builder

Oracle flow builder is a keyword driven component, which is developed mainly for testing the Oracle EBS applications. You can translate the flow into executable script. Oracle flow builder has 2000+ pre-build components and 200+ pre-build flows.

To work with Oracle flow builder, you don’t really need to learn scripting language. Even a non-technical person can generate working test scripts from pre-built flow or component. You can create your own flow and component.

Oracle flow builder

Advantage of Oracle Flow Builder

  • Pre-build component and flow.
  • Re-usability.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Easy to automate full flow like order to cash and procure to pay.
  • Reduced testing time.
  • Data security.
  • If any issues arise in pre-build component or flow, you can create SR (Service Request) with Oracle.
  • Allows you to create your own flow and supports customizations.

Open Script

Open Script is used to automate the functional, regression and load testing. Open Script supports record and play back options. Open Script has a pre-build script. If needed, you can make use of it or else you can create your own flow, also.

Open Scripts

Advantage of Open Scripts

  • Object identification.
  • Record and playback
  • Pre-build script.
  • Re-usability.
  • Data parameterizations.

Why Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)?

Oracle Applications Testing Suite is a reliable and easy-to-use automated test tool which reduces the need for manual Testing and accelerates the test process. This robust, integrated solution delivers test management, load stress testing, and functional testing in a single product suite. It has Record and Play back options so it is easy to record the EBS application flow. You can also write your own code, if needed. OATS comes with pre-built automated test scripts for testing EBS application transactions and doesn’t require any programming expertise from test developers.

Benefits of OATS

  • Reduces Testing Time and Cost: OATS automates the test cases, and leverages some of the most easy- to-use test solutions. As a result, you can reduce the need of manual testing and test result will come out more accurate.
  • Improves Quality and Performance: OATS is able to automate both functional and load testing. You are able to extend the test coverage to a large extent. You can define checkpoint in your test case which allows you to define expected behavior and the application’s actual behavior. This will increase the quality of your test case.
  • Allows Custom Code: Open Script is an Eclipse IDE Framework, so you can add your own business logic and custom validations. Open Script allows you to record and playback EBS applications and enables you to personalize and customize forms and OAF (Oracle Application Framework) pages.

Oracle Application Testing Suite – An Effective Testing Framework

OATS has the ability to manage the test processes of an organization and leverage benefits of automated testing largely, thereby decreasing the need for manual testing. OATS offers enterprises with platforms so that they can test all tiers of application stack before the deployment. It is a comprehensive model of testing that validates both application functionality as well as performance under real-world operating conditions.

Kalpana Velmani
Senior Software Engineer, RapidValue

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