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JMeter JMX Script Creation via BlazeMeter


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How to Overcome Limitation of JMeter Proxy Recording for Chrome Browser

In one of our recent projects, there was a requirement to implement Performance Testing for a specific module in the application. Based on the client requirement and feasibility study, JMeter was chosen as the tool. We started with the usual steps of configuring the Chrome Browser and JMeter proxy with SSL settings in order to record the performance scripts. However, the recording was not happening even though all the configurations were correct in JMeter and Chrome browser. With the same settings, Firefox recording was working just as expected. Since our application support was on Chrome, we had to focus on Chrome recording itself. After a thorough research, we identified an alternative solution – BlazeMeter Plugin.

This article explains how you can use the BlazeMeter extension to perform recording operation on browsers as an alternative to JMeter proxy recording. Also, you will learn some of the key features of the BlazeMeter Dashboard.

How to Use BlazeMeter Pluging for Performance Testing

Before we deep dive into how to tackle JMX script recording via BlazeMeter, let’s first get familiar about BlazeMeter plugin and the features available.

BlazeMeter is a SaaS testing platform, where you require only a browser and internet connection to start testing. It also has on-premise version for people, who need to test applications or create mock services behind a firewall. BlazeMeter is very user friendly; even a person with no scripting knowledge can use it to test their application by recording user actions. The recorded script can be saved as a Taurus YAML or JSON file, or as a JMeter JMX file. It is designed to help DevOps and Agile teams by enabling reuse of their scripts and thereby, start their testing early in the SDLC. It supports functional, performance and API monitoring testing.

The advantage of BlazeMeter is that it is massively scalable and allows to do load testing with 2 million+ virtual users. Also, BlazeMeter provides comprehensive reporting. All reports are accessible from a common dashboard.

To delve deeper into script creation via BlazeMeter, record user actions and gain knowledge regarding the process of exporting JMX script using BlazeMeter, please visit the following link:

JMeter JMX Script Creation via BlazeMeter

Indu Raj
Software Engineer- Testing, RapidValue

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