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Real-time Test Automation Result via Slack Channel


It is an established fact that Slack is a powerful communication tool that enables you to bring the entire team together, no matter wherever you are. Slack offers channels to stay organized and focused on central spaces for conversations, files, tools, and people. Slack provides workspaces, applications, and various team collaboration options. Slack applications assist in functioning as Chatbots on various occasions.

The major advantages of Slack include every team communication that can be carried out at one place, integration with various services – one to one and private groups, and the ability to integrate various bots or apps to your Slack channel depending on your needs.

Nowadays, as you know most of the CI tools have the capability to integrate with Slack to share real-time test execution results. In this article, we would like to share couple of utilities, scripted in Java, that describe how to send real-time automation test results via Slack channels. The automation results include both plain text results and the attached reports.

How to Achieve Slack Integration?


  • You must have a Slack account.
  • Add the latest jslack dependency into pom.xml if you are using Maven project.
  • Add the latest version of following dependencies to pom.xml to handle the API operations,
    • httpclient
    • httpmime  
  • Add extentreports dependency to pom.xml file to generate the HTML automation report.

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Sanoj S
Test Architect, RapidValue

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