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Test Automation with Katalon Cucumber BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development) Framework


This article is written in continuation to our previous article on Test Case Creation in Katalon Studio which is about how Katalon Studio helps with test automation and provides step-by-step instructions to create test cases in Katalon Studio.

An automation framework increases the testing speed and productivity of a team, boosts the test accuracy and reduces the cost of test maintenance and lowers risks. We recently had an ad-hoc request from one of our customers in a recent project to check their web application and to ensure that it meets all the requirements. The need was to describe the application in terms of behavior before the code is implemented. They wanted to run a testing framework with variable test data on different systems, and the main goal was to make the framework deployment and maintenance as flexible as possible.  As you know, it is a time consuming process to build an automation framework to meet such diverse application requirements. However, there is a solution for starting automation testing using the suitable framework in terms of behavior and user can quickly modify the test data without digging through the code.

Creating BDD Cucumber Tests in Katalon Studio

The automation testing team used the Katalon Studio tool, which has the suitable options for supporting BDD-based Cucumber. It is the right option that can substantially help to reduce the effort for regression testing. In recent years, a number of business teams have gradually adopted the agile business approach in their development phase in order to respond to this rapidly evolving market. Testing team can manage test cases and test scripts which have to be maintained based on the changing requirements. Many Agile teams use the Cucumber framework to effectively apply the Behavior-driven Development (BDD) approach in their development process. Katalon Studio supports Cucumber extension, which allows you to create and easily execute a BDD feature file and BDD test script in the tool.

Working with Cucumber for BDD in Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a free tool which is developed by KMS technologies. This tool can be used to automate front-end web applications, mobile and web services. It includes the complete package of powerful features that help to overcome common challenges such as pop-up, iFrame, and wait-time in web UI test automation. This user-friendly solution enables testers to test better, work faster and deliver high-quality software products.

Cucumber is a Behavior-driven Development (BDD) supporting tool. It offers a way to write tests that anyone, irrespective of their technical knowledge, can understand. In BDD, users (business analysts, product owners) first write scenarios or acceptance tests that describe the system’s behavior from the customer’s perspective, then the developers write their codes for review and get sign-off from product owners. One of the tool’s most impressive features is the ability to perform interactive representations of plain-text (written in the Gherkin language) as automated tests. In the same project, Cucumber helps to enhance cooperation between technical and non-technical participants.

Katalon is built up on top of the eclipse IDE and it supports record and play back for both web and mobile applications. This tool supports JAVA and Groovy languages and uses both selenium and appium libraries. The advantage of using this tool is a very low learning curve, and you don’t need any programming skills to get started. Test objects are structured in Katalon Studio according to the Page-Object Model which promotes reusability across multiple test cases. Katalon Studio hides all the technical difficulties behind the scene and provides the manual mode with a friendly UI.

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