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Test Case Creation in Katalon Studio


Katalon Test Automation

In the test automation world, the need of a framework is inevitable. Framework is a code structure that helps in code maintenance and to reuse the test scripts; which make the automation engineer’s life easy. With a flexible and fully capable framework, you can achieve benefits like increased reusable components, higher platform portability, reduced script maintenance effort, higher code understandability etc.

In a recent project, there was an ad-hoc requirement from the client, to test their web and mobile application and to ensure that it meets the end-to-end requirement, before it goes live for end users. They wanted us to start the test script development at the earliest. Additional requirements include that the framework should be capable to automate windows application and possess API testing capabilities which could be added as part of future testing scope. As you know, the development of automation framework to support these diverse platform requirements is time consuming. There is a solution for starting the automation testing without building a custom framework.

How Katalon Studio Helped with Test Automation

The automation testing team tackled the challenge by using Katalon Studio tool, which has an instantaneous set-up and various pre-installed templates. Katalon Studio uses Selenium and Appium libraries. Here the automation engineer needs to configure the tool based on his/her needs. The Katalon test scripts developed covered all the basic functionalities to check, and it allows the users to integrate it with GIT. With the help of Katalon Studio, you performed the automation testing in web and mobile applications. The framework was also ready for Windows application automation, as well.

Katalon Studio is a tool which is developed by KMS Technology. It is a complete Test Automation framework and is completely free.  It has several in-built functions and libraries, and a rich UI, which will help the users to automate easily and faster. It helps you to automate web based application, mobile application (native and hybrid) and API as well. It is built on top of Eclipse. It allows the users to perform cross-browser testing.

3 Ways to Create Automation Test in Katalon Studio

  • Record and Replay: This mode allows the user to create the test by recording the script and you can replay the same by clicking the Run button.
  • Manual Mode: Katalon Studio has numerous built-in keywords, and this mode allows the user, with less experience in programming, to perform an action by using these built-in keywords.
  • Script Mode: This mode allows the users, with good programming knowledge, to create test cases. Here, the Automation Engineer can use the programming languages like Groovy or Java to create and edit the test scripts.

All the 3 modes allow the user to add or edit the test case and prepare final automated test.

Click here to learn how to create a test case using Katalon Studio using the three modes.

Katalon Studio is one of the emerging tools for automated testing. It has a built-in framework that is well organized. Using its object repository feature, you can achieve reusability and easy maintenance. It can eliminate the need for user-defined frameworks and expensive programmers to build test automation. Katalon Studio can create test scenarios that accurately simulate real business workflows much faster and simpler. The platform facilitates running automated tests for Web interfaces, APIs, and mobile apps (both iOS and Android), provides test recording, and analysis reports.

Hope this article helped you by providing step-by-step instruction to create test cases in Katalon Studio.

Kiran MG
Senior Software Test Engineer, RapidValue




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