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The Know-How of Intrexx Migration from Version 7 to Version 19.03


Intrexx Migration

Low code development, in the current business scenario and technology environment, is delivering a lot of benefits to organizations that include efficiency and speed-to-market. According to Gartner, the worldwide low-code development technologies market is projected to total $13.8 billion in 2021, an increase of 22.6% from 2020. Low-code development platform, like Intrexx, fulfills your requirement when you are looking for software that can adjust to your needs and circumstances.

Intrexx – The Ultimate Low-code Development Platform

Intrexx is a low code platform from united planet for creating and operating of multilingual web-based applications. Web applications include intranet, enterprise portals. Also, it can integrate with a variety of applications like SAP Business Suite, Netweaver Gateway or Lotus Notes through Intrexx Connectors.

As a certified Intrexx Partner, RapidValue has been helping business across industries build high-grade, customized solutions, digitizing their key business processes.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the migration process of Intrexx – from version 7 to version 19.03, and share some of the benefits you would achieve through this migration. We will also share some tips and best practices to be followed, based on our experience.

Why to Migrate to Intrexx Version 19.03

The new release version of Intrexx 19.03 features great benefits and you have even more power for your workplace. You are able to use the upgrade to make your digital workplace even better. Intrexx 19.03 is considered to be elastically, horizontally scalable on almost all cloud platforms. It characterizes a completely new and responsive portlet framework. 19.03 has gained popularity as it provides the users with more options and greater flexibility while they are developing applications and designing pages.

The new features allow Intrexx to be integrated into existing systems even more effectively thereby, reducing costs and workloads even further. With the migration to version 19.03, you get,

  • More automation, fewer errors and shorter processing times
  • Improved collaboration and more flexible processes
  • More agile and customizable usage options and functionalities
  • Numerous features enhanced significantly and added

Key Steps in the Portal Migration Process

  • Backup of the Portal
  • Export the Portal from Intrexx 7
  • Install Intrexx 18.03 version
  • Import the Portal from 7 into 18.03
  • IIS URL rewrite Configuration
  • Export the portal in Intrexx 18.03
  • Install 19.03 Portal
  • Import the Portal into 19.03
  • Fix the issues

Best Practices for an Effective Intrexx 19.0.3 Migration

  • Please ensure this configuration for both live and preproduction environment before upgrading as resource bottlenecks can lead to problems during the upgrade.
    • Memory: >= 16 GB RAM
    • Processor cores: >= 4
  • While creating a test system, you need to prepare the server, install Intrexx and then import the portal from the live environment. When you export/import a portal, it is important that you know that the portal authentication is always reset to the Intrexx authentication method. This means the authentication, as well as user replication, may need to be manually restored. In addition, external file storage locations, such as on network drives, will need to be made available again.
  • Take a full backup of the Intrexx and database server by using appropriate data backup software
    that fully backs up the system and can restore the system as needed.

Check out this step-by-step guide for more information on the migration process.

Intrexx Version 19.03 offers significant cost reductions and provides the numerous benefits that a sustainable low-code system has to offer you. You enjoy five-times-faster application development and a higher ROI which are some of the key factors why one would choose 19.03. Working with the digital workplace is much easier now. Intrexx 19.03 proves to be beneficial as it is location-independent, helps in reducing information overload and is able to increase employee commitment significantly.

Want to find out more on Intrexx migration? Drop us a line and let’s get started.

Eashwar N
Senior Technical Architect, RapidValue

Case Study: How we helped a client move from manual paper based processes to automated digital processes leveraging Intrexx

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