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Video Recording of Selenium Automation Flow


As you know that automation testing entirely relies on the pre-scripted test which runs automatically to compare the actual result with the expected results. This helps the tester to determine whether an application performs as expected or not. Automation testing helps to reduce the effort of regression test suite execution of manual testers. Everyone is familiar with Selenium test automation for Web application and the test automation framework has the capability to generate the reports in different formats like HTML, PDF. Also, the frameworks will generate screenshot of the UI when a test fails, depending on the configuration in the Automation Listeners.

This article throws light on the concept of video recording of your automation flows; even if the test case passes or fails or skips; that again depending on your configuration in the Automation Listeners.

Monte Screen Recorder

Selenium has no built-in capability to record the video of the automation flow. Here, you are recording the Selenium automation flow with the help of Monte Screen Recorder Java library. The Monte media library is used for processing media data. Supported media formats include still images, video, audio and meta-data. You can record your entire automation flow for future references so that you can share the flow as a demo to your client.

Benefits of Recording the Selenium Test Execution

Video recordings of Selenium test case execution can play a major role. Not only would these help in debugging issues more efficiently, you can also use recorded videos to show test execution activities to the client or other stakeholders. Additionally, these recorded videos can be added into the project management or defect management tool while creating bugs, which helps in understanding the bug clearly.

To know more about the steps to achieve the video recording of Selenium automation flow, please follow the link:

A Step-by-step Guide to Video Record Selenium Automation Flow

Sanoj S
Test Architect, RapidValue


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