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Web ADI for Uploading Data to Oracle Applications


Oracle Web ADI

Web Applications Desktop Integrator (Web ADI) is a tool that leverages the standard desktop applications to perform some of the Oracle E-Business Suite tasks. The Web ADI brings Oracle E-Business Suite to the desktop where familiar desktop tool like Excel can be used to create spreadsheet, enter and modify data in the spreadsheet and finally upload the data into the Oracle Applications. Web ADI can be very useful for the users who are experienced with Excel and would like to use Excel to enter the data related to Oracle Applications. These users can use the special features of Excel i.e. copy, paste, drag cells to increment and various arithmetic functions to optimize their business task and increase their productivity.

Bringing the Power of Excel to Oracle EBS with Web ADI

Web Application Desktop Integrator or Web ADI is a tool that brings Oracle E-Business Suite functionality to a spreadsheet, where familiar data entry and modelling techniques can be used to complete Oracle E-Business Suite tasks.

It is one of Oracle’s tools which connect Oracle apps with Excel. It helps in uploading of Journal data etc. through Excel. You can also, create custom Web ADI and write a custom procedure to perform data migration through Excel into temporary tables through Web ADI. You can even, create your own layouts and integrator through assigning Web ADI responsibility.

Advantages of using Web ADI

  • Increase in productivity
  • Minimal training
  • Useful in large transactions
  • Improved user acceptance

Implementing Web ADI and its Key Features

Web Applications Desktop Integrator (Web ADI) is a self-service Oracle application accessed using a browser. The Web ADI software does not need to be installed on individual client machines.

  • Processing takes place on the server rather than individual client PCs.
  • Web ADI generates Microsoft Excel or Word documents on your desktop, and uploads the data you have selected to be uploaded.
  • The appearance of the spreadsheet or word processing document is determined by configurable layouts. System administrators can restrict the fields that end-users work with within the spreadsheet, and can create different layouts for different users.
  • Users can also, create their own layouts to include just the fields they need to work with.

The Oracle Web ADI makes the task easy by making it convenient to work in Microsoft Excel and Word to complete your Oracle E-Business Suite tasks. The Oracle E-Business Suite task that you perform on the desktop is determined by the integrator you select in Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator. Each seeded integrator is delivered with the Oracle E-Business Suite product that provides the functionality, being integrated with the desktop.

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Anand Sethuraman
Senior Software Engineer, RapidValue

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