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An Amazing Journey of 10 Years!

Rajesh Padinjaremadam

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

An Amazing Journey of 10 Years!

It was 10 years back in Nov 2008 when we hired our first team member and started operating. We had a vision to build a world-class technology firm that helped enterprises through technology driven transformation. When we started our operations, our infrastructure did not match up to that vision – All of 2009, RapidValue operated out of a small office in Kakkanad, sharing seats with another firm.  However, the quality of our team more than made up for the lack of infrastructure. We were extremely fortunate to have  an amazing set of people who joined us early on – they were absolutely fearless and shared our beliefs. I believe that our team lived by the quote  “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” and were quite successful at that!

We moved into Infopark in early 2010. While we may not have had the best looking office, within a very short time, we were known to be the one of the best players in mobility. By 2014, we were one of the top enterprise mobility players in India, and raised funding from a leading venture fund.

Today we are a global team of 450+ people, with 10+ offices within India and across the world. While we have expanded our services and solutions, we have cherished our vision of guiding enterprises through digital transformation. Through-out the journey, we have stayed true to our core values – ensuring that our customers are successful and that our associates learn and excel. Above everything else, we have been fortunate to have a great team of people, who have always been fearless in the face of an extremely fast moving technology landscape.

Looking back, this has been an absolutely fabulous journey with lots of learnings, failures and successes and ups and downs. This would not have been possible without the support of such an awesome team. I want to thank each and every one of you, as well as every person who helped make RapidValue what it is today. Thank you very much!!

– Rajesh Padinjaremadam
   President & CEO, RapidValue

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