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The Adoption of Cloud Technology by Enterprises – Trends, Benefits and Future


Cloud technology whitepaper by RapidValue

If we go back in time, people were dependent on the physical computer storage or servers in order to run their programs. Now, with the introduction of cloud computing, people, organizations and enterprises are able to access their programs through the Internet. Cloud computing is gaining
prominence, rapidly, and the popularity is growing, each day. Cloud computing is big business, today. According to PC Magazine, it was, already, generating around $100 billion a year in 2012. It is forecasted to increase up to $270 billion by the year 2020.

Enterprises and organizations, these days, are relying heavily on the cloud services and cloud platforms to obtain resources on-demand and
that too, in an automated manner. Organizations can, now, only pay for the resources that they use. Enterprises, also, relinquish unnecessary resources with the help of using a self-service portal. This serves as a big cost-effective solution, as you can eliminate the need for investing a huge sum of money as capital investment.

This paper addresses the primary reasons for the enterprises migrating to the cloud infrastructure, various types of cloud deployment (technology & services) models IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, feature comparison of three popular cloud platforms – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and some examples of how enterprises and consumers are using the cloud technology.

As you read further, the paper presents a case study of a leading telecom industry, which draws upon RapidValue’s experience, with helping enterprises, succeed in the complex and evolving technology ecosystem.

To know more, download, The Adoption of Cloud Technology by Enterprises – A Whitepaper by RapidValue Solutions from RapidValue Solutions


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