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The Future of Communication – Virtual Smartphone Case Study


Mobile Consumers are constantly looking for solutions that provide flexibility, connectivity and access to their personal information stored on their device, while on the move.

Mobile technology and its ecosystem have drastically evolved over the past few years. There has been continuous enhancement in voice communication; advancement in mobile networks (2G, 2.5G, 3G and now 4G); innovations in mobile applications across industry verticals such as media, entertainment, retail, automobile, financial services, education; revolution around text messaging, integration and interactions via social networking; improvements in mobile commerce and many more.

The next wave in the mobile technology is going to be a virtual smartphone.

What is a Virtual Smartphone?

This is an application which allows you to perform all the activities you currently do from your mobile device – managing contacts, making calls, chatting with friends, sending text messages, exchanging emails, and socializing via networking sites from any “internet-enabled device” – mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc., just as you do from your mobile device.

All your information will be synchronized between the server and all devices, so that you have the same experience and data whichever device you choose to communicate.

Why is this useful?

It gives you the flexibility to access and use your personal information stored on your smartphone from anywhere, from any internet-enabled device and at any time. The application is highly secure too – you will have your own account created with a unique username and password.

Also, in case you lose your smartphone, you will not lose all the data available on your mobile device. All that you need to do it sync-up with the server and download all your personal information into the new mobile device.

Case Study

RapidValue and pplconnect have developed a virtual smartphone. The pplconnect app allows users to access and use real-time mobile content from anywhere, at any time from any internet-enabled device.

The app enables user authentication. It allows access only to app users who have created their account with a unique username & password. Therefore your information is safe.

Features & Functionality

Some of the features supported by this app are:

Access and Use your Virtual Smartphone from your mobile as well as through a web browser

Call – Make phone calls

Call History – Check missed calls/ dialed numbers

Store data – Users can transfer all information available on the mobile device such as call details, contacts, messages, videos, photos etc. to  the server for future access

Contacts – Access and edit live contact details

Add to Favorite – Move contacts to favorite folder

Group – Create and search groups

Gallery – Manage files such as photos, videos, audio, images, shared files etc.

Social Networking – Users can log in to Facebook and Twitter account to communicate with their friends/family

Email – Send and Receive emails

SMS – Send and Receive text messages

Settings – Users can synchronize data between client/server, and manage the account settings

The app has several benefits, which include – flexibility to access data from anywhere, reduces cost, eradicates mobile anxiety, increases productivity and ensures you always stay connected.

This app is available for select Android users and on Chrome browser for desktop/laptop users. The full app across BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone is expected in the coming months!

Find out more about the App on TechCruch or write to us at

Kavyanidhi Narayan

Marketing Manager



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