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“Think Creative”…Not as easy as it sounds


Being an artist or a designer is a lot of fun, but it can be trying at times especially when you hit the metaphorical wall, when you‘re having a hard time with something you’re working on. It is at times like these that somebody, a boss, a colleague, a friend come over and drops a usual phrase; “think more creative”, “you can do better”, “go outside the box”.

These seemingly simple set of words sometimes drives you nuts because it isn’t so simple to spontaneously do those things. It is something that you train your brain to do handle, through practice and experience.

We, from the RapidGems Design Studio, organized the ThinkCreative workshop to bring in great Artists and Designers and let them share their experiences and expertise to any and all interested to attend. Enriching their experience and inspiring them to go forth and create.

For the first installment of ThinkCreative, Sabareesh Ravi, an award winning UI Designer and popular typography artist, was invited as the guest speaker. His latest string of viral works for the 30daysofmalayalamletters made him the best man for the job.

The first half of his session was classic. He brought up stories from his past to emphasis the good attributes for a designer, viz. Freedom, Confidence, Resourcefulness, Non-Conformation and Punctual.

We have to rewind our minds to our childhood, when our imagination ran wild and our creativity knew no bounds. Sabareesh cited how we used to associate the shapes of different objects, like human faces to the front of a car.

We should, all of us, be strong on our stand, break the rules, to imagine, to create amazing works.

These simple yet strong messages Sabareesh shared from his years of toil in the industry had a wealth of wisdom in them.

The second half of the workshop was even more fun; Designing t-shirts. We were to split up in teams of five, to brain-storm and come up with concepts for a printable t-shirt artwork, with the best team getting their art printed for them.

Teamwork is a wonderful thing, if done right, the course of this exercise really did help us learn that. Working with a group of random strangers you just met has never been this fun. The result of this part was amazing, we were able to witness some beautiful artwork that day, regardless of a winner.

Being an artist or a designer is not always easy, but it sure is fun. I guess that’s one of the reasons why we do what we do, because we truly enjoy doing it. Meeting with others with your passion and talking about the things you do can really do wonders for your mind, by sharing experiences and practicing imagination.

Behind The Scenes

While the focus of this story is on what happened during the ThinkCreative workshop, the time leading up to the event was just as interesting.

Every member of the RapidGems team helped organize this event, everyone playing their part like gears of a clock, working to make it tick. Staying at the office after hours, burning weekends to get things done, it was grinding work, there were times when we wanted to pull out some hair, but let me tell you; we hadn’t had this much fun in a while.

In a way, to us, the activities we did towards organizing the event was a great prequel(unlike Star Wars) to the event itself.

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