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Top 15 Enterprise Mobility Blogs


Mobile has become an integral part of our life today. In fact, on an average Americans spend 2.7 hours/ day socializing on their mobile devices. Enterprise mobility is also increasingly playing a significant role for businesses large and small. According to digital Ad agency Vertic, by 2015 mobile app development projects will out number native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1.

Unfortunately, despite this relevance, it can be difficult to identify the most reputable resources for enterprise mobility information. To help readers interested in enterprise mobility resources, we have compiled below a list of 15 resources covering enterprise mobility. RapidValue also publish articles related to enterprise mobility, topics include – enterprise mobility trends, release of new mobile devices and its impact on enterprise mobility, mobile enterprise application strategy & development and more.

Top 15 Enterprise Mobility Resources

TechCrunch:  A leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling start-ups, reviewing new Internet & mobile products, and breaking technology news. This probably is the most popular news site with over 12 million unique visitors and more than 37 million page views per month. One of the best news sites to gather information related to mobile technology enhancements and release of latest smart gadgets, mobile applications, specially developed by large enterprises such as  Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft etc.

GigaOM: A new type of media company with a business model that leverages technology, transparency, and access to information. The site is propelled by great writers, journalistic integrity, industry depth and audience engagement. GigaOM news network’s online audience of 5.5 million monthly unique readers relies on its definitive coverage of cloud, mobile, cleantech, consumer web and media.

Mobile Enterprise Strategies: Founded by mobile thought leader Kevin Benedict, this website is dedicated to publishing mobile analyst reports, daily mobility newsletters, mobile ROI reports, and interviews with mobility experts. In addition to the above, the website offers a platform for discussion on enterprise mobility and mobile strategies.

Forrestory Enterprise Mobility Blog: A global research and advisory firm, Forrester serves professionals in 17 key roles across three distinct client segments. The blogs are written by Principal Analysts who serve the Chief Information Officers. The blogs capture the thoughts through comprehensive research and study performed by the analysts.

The Enterprise Mobility Forum: The mission of the Enterprise Mobility Foundation, which is the organization behind the Enterprise Mobility Forum is to showcase the benefits of successfully deployed and managed mobility solutions within public and private organizations. It is a Forum of like minded members and thought leaders. They publish articles on latest news in enterprise mobility.

ZDNet: ZDNet is one of the most reputable resources for IT professionals who are  looking to find 24/7 coverage and analysis on the trends, technologies and opportunities in the IT world.  The comprehensive coverage includes enterprise mobility and how technology is used by enterprises to impact markets.

CITEWorld: CITE World is a resource directed at professional, technology providers, investors and business leaders.  This site covers topics related to BYOD policies, best practices, mobile device management and enterprise mobile apps.

Google’s Enterprise Blog: This is Google´s official enterprise blog, covering information about enterprise information, search, apps and the users that live there. This blog focuses on Google products and platforms. If you are interested to know more about Google Products, then you will find everything you need.

EnterpriseMobileHub: This website, which is an online international forum directed at CIOs and IT leaders who work for the world´s largest multinational firms allows readers to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and to collaborate with like-minded professionals about mobility trends in the enterprise. Editorial professionals at IDG Enterprise´s Custom Solutions Group direct this forum. This is produced by Computer World.

EnterpriseMobileToday: Enterprise Mobile Today provides current information on enterprise mobility and is a forum, where professionals can communicate with others from around the world about enterprise mobility.

Solutions Review: For MDM news and enterprise mobility trends, Solutions Review is one of the most used and cited resources online. This website features the latest trends in mobility initiatives, mobile device management polices, MDM best practices and it also offers in-depth outlines on the solutions available in the marketplace.

TechRepublic Blog: Tech Republic is an online trade publication that serves as a social community and focuses on IT professional. The TechRepublic blog shares information on the best practices and tools available for IT decision makers. The company was founded in Kentucky, U.S. and it was purchased in 2001 by CNET networks. The site focuses on blogs related to IT product enhancements in large enterprises such as Google, Microsoft etc.

Strategy Analytics Blog: This blog attempts to provide a global picture of mobile enterprise and business cloud adoption, market trends and vendor and service provider activities. This is a comprehensive blog from Strategy Analytics, which also writes about emerging markets, cloud computing etc.

IntoMobile: IntoMobile is one of the most heavily visited mobile technology news site. The site focuses on catering to early adopters, technology consumers, technology enthusiasts and mobile experts. IntoMobile also delivers information, breaking news, and analysis on the latest mobile technology.

Enterprise Mobility Matters: This is the blog of Philippe Winthrop, who has spent his career researching emerging technologies and their impact on the corporate value chain. This blog discusses enterprise mobility and it’s impact on the world.

In addition, to the 15 blogs sites listed above (not in any particular sequence of popularity), you can also read RapidValue Enterprise Mobility Blog. Articles are contributed by many RapidValue’s thought leaders. The site focuses on topics – disruptive technologies such as touch-screen mobile technologies, mobile trends, impact of new devices on enterprises, BYOD, mobile technology strategy, mobile application development best practices etc.

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