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Top 5 DevOps Trends in 2018 – The Year of Enterprise DevOps


DevOps has evolved significantly and has become an essential part of all software and application development across a wide range of industries. Over the last few years, more businesses have been adopting elements of DevOps and 2018 seems like a promising year for developers.

With this increased use, several trends within DevOps have begun to emerge. Here are some aspects to look for in 2018:

1) Enterprise DevOps

The move towards DevOps within enterprises businesses has been on the rise over the last few years. A study from RightScale estimates that 84% of enterprises have adopted at least some aspect of DevOps over the year in 2017. The same study has also noted that only 30% of enterprises have been able to adopt DevOps across the entire company. With all that DevOps has to offer in terms of increased productivity, continuous delivery, and cost savings, it is no surprise that industry experts expect that 2018 will be “the year of enterprise DevOps” as more business move from utilizing only aspects of it to a full implementation across all systems.

2) Automation as a Focus

Automation is often a big part of DevOps. Not all actions need to be automated but with enterprises moving towards a target of continuous integration and continuous delivery, automation, particularly test automation, becomes increasingly important. With large scale deployments and an eye on quality, continuous automated testing breaks silos and allows for standardization of activity. Early and frequent testing in the development cycle allows teams to catch and correct problems, preventing interruptions in service and ensuring the quality of product releases.

3) Increased Adoption of Microservices

The growth and use of DevOps and microservices go hand in hand. Microservices allow for the restructuring of apps and systems, speedier software delivery, and a move away from legacy systems without compromising security or function while maintaining a continuous delivery. Companies are expected to adopt microservices in large numbers as a way to improve their runtime and the efficiency of their delivery. Microservices, and the tools it employs, allows processes to be broken down so that multiple areas can be worked on or developed at the same time without negatively impacting the other, leading to better workflow and ensuring updates that would have once taken days to complete can be done in a matter of hours.

4) DevSecOps

With the increase use of DevOps, security & compliance is a critical component of the process. DevSecOps works to embed core security measures into the ordinary DevOps workflow. Given the large number of data and security breaches in 2017, the enterprises are moving towards a more secure model in 2018. It is not enough to add security features to the final product, security must be built in to the entire framework. DevSecOps introduces security earlier in the development cycle which minimizes vulnerabilities and encourages collaboration between developers and security teams.

5) The Growth of Kubernetes for Container Orchestration

Kubernetes has become the fastest growing container technology and it does not show any signs of slowing down, in fact, there is evidence that the entire container orchestration landscape is moving toward Kubernetes. Part of this appeal comes from the Kubernetes ability to manage container clusters on a large scale. During the development process, container clusters are put in place that must be continuously monitored and tested. Doing this manually would be impossible. Kubernetes supplies the tools that make this monitoring possible. As enterprises scale up, and more container clusters are added to their DevOps pipelines, orchestration becomes increasingly important.


While technology trends are often subject to change, with regard to DevOps, it is evident that DevOps is here to stay. With the ability to help enterprises accelerate growth and keep pace with both consumer and marketplace demands, we can expect to see widespread implementation and developments in the year ahead.

As a software development expert, what are your thoughts? Feel free do drop in your thoughts in the comment section.  

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