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Top Five Reasons: Why you should Mobile-Enable your Field Service Executives


With ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, many organizations have started implementing mobility to improve communication with the field, to increase efficiency of their staff, to simplify work processes, and to provide better customer service.

According to Aberdeen Group Study, 63% of leading service organizations said that investment in mobile tools was a key strategy for improving field service performance. And based on Gartner Research, 20% of sales organizations will use tablets as the primary mobile platform for their field sales force. As a result, by 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device that has tablet-like characteristics.

In any organization, field engineers and service technicians are expected to be onsite most of the time. They are required to attend to service operations at various customer locations that are spread across a wide geographical area. More and more industries are adopting mobility solutions for their field service executives, including – retail, telecom, manufacturing, logistics, construction, hi-tech etc.), usually industries which need to provide post-sale service.

Mobility eases many field service processes such as data gathering, scheduling customer appointments, finding directions, submitting service/task requests, generating real-time reports for labor & material, generating invoices, managing inventory stock, tracking time & resources.

This is achieved using enterprise mobile apps which are enabled with device-specific features such as barcode scanners, NFC, Camera, GPS, Video Conferencing functionality. Today, field service application providers are combining many functions into one unified solution along with integration to enterprise backend systems such as Oracle, SAP, legacy systems and many more.

Top Five Benefits of Field Service Application

To keep up with the mobility trend and to enhance operational side of service, the primary focus should be to streamline process and be up to date with technology. Based on our experience in field service, the top five reasons why you should mobile enable your field service executives are:

1. Improves Productivity – With real-time work management and ability to access accurate data in a timely manner provides flexibility, convenience to your staff resulting in performing the tasks better.

Find task - Field Service management






















2. Streamlines Workflow – Maximum optimization of resources can be achieved with higher efficiency and eliminating unnecessary visits to the field.

Menu - Field Service Management






















3. Enhances Customer Experience – Faster interaction with customers and better resolution of issues leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Manage Service - Field Service Management






















4. Reduces Cost – Route optimization, proper resource allocation and efficient app utilization reduces drive times, lowers fuel costs and eliminates paperwork, resulting in cost savings.























5. Higher ROI – With control on your field service staff, enabling best in-class performance and providing loyalty to customers drives customer retention and profitability for the service organization.

Detailed Task - Field Service Management

























For more information on ‘how to mobile-enable your field service executives’, view Mobile Field Service Suite details.

Kavyanidhi Narayan

Marketing Manager, RapidValue Solutions


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