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Forrester today came out with a report that Tablet computers or Touch computing will overtake Netbook sales by 2012 and desktop sales by 2015. And come to think of it, Touch computing has just arrived two months back in a big way with the launch of iPad. The earlier microsoft based tablets never really took off. Forrester estimates 3.5 million tablets  to be sold this year, growing to 20.4 million in 2015. Meanwhile, she expects desktop sales to drop from 18.7 million units in 2010 to 15.7 million units in 2015.

Apple has launched its iPad which is already a huge success with 2 million of them selling in 2 months but more importantly there will be a slew of Android based tablets with similar features but at a extremely low cost. We believe these are the devices that will go really mass market not only in the developed nations but the developing countries.

What this means for enterprise computing – More and more functionalities on Tablet mobile devices. We believe travelling businessmen would like to carry a simpler tablet that can start within secs than a laptop which is so much difficult to use while travelling. Also these tablets coupled with wi-fi and 3G features will provide what laptops cant at the moment – Anytime Anywhere computing.  The possibilities of applications that can be launched with this is unlimited – some of them are Order booking by sales agents on the field, Instant Customer invoicing on delivery at the customer location, Logistics handling – job scheduling, point of delivery, vehicle tracking , Health care systems – doctor prescriptions, medical representative systems. The possibilities are endless

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