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Touchless Time-Entry for Oracle ERP Mobile App using Geo-Fencing


Business Need for Efficient Time Tracking

Everyone is aware of the importance of Time Tracking. It is the key element to understand how much you spend for each employee, for each project, for each month/year. Time management is directly proportional to running an efficient business and making profits. Recently, we worked with a multinational firm, having close to 200,000 employees and almost half of them were billed on the basis of time, recorded using time cards. All the employees diligently recorded their time card by reporting check-in/check-out time for the project tasks in Oracle ERP. They reported their time cards efficiently using a mobile app, but there were cases where there was a delay in reporting time cards and sometimes error occurred in recording time which resulted in millions of dollars of potential revenue loss.

Even 10% of the employees failing to record time of one hour each a month would result in an approximate revenue loss of 300,000 USD per month which is an overwhelming loss of 3.6 million USD annually. This calls for the need of such professional services and other time-sensitive industries like accounting firms, consulting firms, manufacturing industries etc., implementing ways to capture automatic time entry.

Touchless Time Entry using Geo-fencing

What if you can automate the whole process by creating a completely touchless employee’s time and tracking system? 

This is where Geo-fencing can play a major role.

Geo-fencing is a service technology that triggers an action when a device enters a set location. A virtual perimeter called a Geo-fence is marked in the real geographical area. When a GPS device or a mobile device or an RFID tag with GPS enabled enters or exits the Geo-fence, it will trigger a pre-programmed action, which can be as simple as an alert.

Designing an Automated Time-Entry

There are a lot of ways a Geo-fencing technology can be put to use in automated time entry.

1. Completely Touchless

  • Whenever an employee enters or exits the set virtual perimeter of a Geo-fence, a pre-programmed action is triggered which captures the employee’s IN/OUT time separately.
  • Out of that, First-In time and Last-Out time of the day can be taken and recorded as a time entry for each employee in Oracle time entry module. This way, the whole process is automated and completely touchless.

2. One-tap Approach

  • Whenever an employee enters the geo-fenced perimeter, a push notification will be triggered by the software to Employee’s smartwatch or the mobile app having the Oracle time entry app.
  • In that notification, the employee will be given options like CLOCK IN / CLOCK OUT / BREAK.
  • Based on the clicks of the employee, the timesheet is recorded from the mobile app to oracle ERP time entry module.

Geo-Fencing Admin Portal

  • In order to add and manage a Geo-fence, you need to maintain an admin portal with integration to the mobile app and Oracle ERP where you could also maintain and manage the list of employees and their respective tagged projects of the employees in the admin portal. The Geo-fences for the project locations are created in the admin portal and the co-ordinates of the perimeter are marked in the admin portal for the project sites.
  • In the admin web portal, the organization could sync projects from Oracle ERP to the office space and also tag employees to that specific project.
  • The IN/OUT time entry of each employees are stored and maintained in a custom DB and can be flushed after every 2-3 months.
  • With the help of these data, you could also generate reports and analytics around the time entry.
Oracle Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing Process Flow

  1. The admin will first set-up geo-fence coordinates for the office and will allocate projects – employees to that particular geo-fence.
  2. The employees’ GPS/Bluetooth should be kept ON.
  3. Whenever an employee who is tagged to that geo-fence enters / exits the perimeter, he/she will receive a push notification in his mobile device or smartwatch.
  4. The employee can Clock IN or OUT from his/her mobile or smartwatch itself.
  5. That information is stored in a custom DB for certain period.
  6. With the help of that data, you can automatically submit a time card for an employee.


The implementation of Geo-fencing time entry process is not just limited to the above approaches or devices. There are many other possible ways in which you could implement and streamline the process as per the business needs. This innovative idea of automating the time entry process will streamline the whole process of time capturing, and make it more efficient and error-free, thereby significantly generating an increase in the revenue for the organization. The investments in a solution like this can be easily justified with the visible Return on Investment (ROI) that can be achieved.

Karthikeyan S
Business Analyst, RapidValue



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