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Automating Claims Processing Using Bots

Insurance claims processing using a chatbot

HRMS Chatbot

Solution demo of HRMS chatbot

Robotic Process Automation Services and Solutions

Innovative automation solutions using RPA, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AsseteZe – Smart Asset Manager

IoT-enabled smart asset management solution

Robotic Process automation

Business Process Automation using RPA

Mobile Shopping and Fashion Store

Leading online retailer of fashion garments and accessories.

Customer Loyalty Solution

Retailer providing New Mexico with fuel and lubricants since 1958.

Field Sales Approval Dashboard

Popular landscaping company in the United States.

Courier Management Application

Leading provider of supply, logistics and technology to help clinical laboratories.

Credit Card Acquisition Mobility Solution

Global mobile capture and identity verification technologies firm.

Social Networking Application

A non-profit organization for cancer patients.

Unified Mobile Application

Leading supplier of data center networking products in the United States.

Mobile Commerce

World’s largest retailer of street-wear in the United States.

Site Survey Application

Leading Real Estate Company in the United States.

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