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Whitepaper | Building a DevOps Organization and Culture


DevOps has been the buzzword for the last couple of years and enterprises, big and small have slowly started adopting the practice. DevOps is the part of an IT organization’s team responsible for creating and maintaining the infrastructure. It can also be described as a practice that addresses a holistic view of the entire software delivery chain or the product life cycle and considers account shared services, facilitating continuous development, integration and delivery. This is achieved by using a set of tools that automate testing and streamline the development process thereby, enabling collaboration between the software development team and the operations team. DevOps tools enable teams to work more quickly and efficiently. But are these tools enough to foster a collaborative DevOps environment? The answer is no. DevOps is more than just a practice. It requires a change in the organizational culture. It requires a reassessment and re-alignment of how people think about the overall business, their customers as well as the teams.

Conway’s law states that organizations that design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations. This means the structure of your software is likely to reflect the structure of your software development organization.

This whitepaper explains adopting the DevOps practice and how teams should be structured and restructured. It discusses in detail how organizations can achieve increased collaboration within the team through DevOps. It also, describes the different roles and responsibilities of people involved in the DevOps approach with real-world examples.

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