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Whitepaper | Unified Mobile Application to Integrate SalesForce, Oracle EBS, Taleo, Outlook & Kofax Modules


Oracle Taleo

In the last couple of years, enterprises have understood that mobile applications can help them reduce the infrastructure costs, boost productivity and facilitate flexibility of millennial employees. As a result, we now observe a plethora of enterprise mobile applications in the market.

Employers and employees both find it challenging to manage and economically maintain multiple applications catering to different use cases. This paper is a continuation of the previous whitepaper on Approach to Unified Mobile Application Implementation for Multisystem Integration. It discusses solution to the abovementioned
problem by describing a sample integrated implementation which manages various important use cases from different legacy systems.

A unified mobile application acts as a one-stop solution for the sales team as it will mobilize use cases right from recruitment of sales team to submitting and approving their expense reports/purchase requisitions to managing opportunities and contacts along with respective follow-ups. This includes integration of various on-premise and cloud-based systems like Oracle EBS, Salesforce, Oracle Taleo, Kofax and MS Outlook. The entire design of
the unified mobile application is scalable and modularized for ensuring flexibility and easy configuration.

The Unified Mobile App solution mentioned in the whitepaper provides an intuitive UI and also, a highly customizable and scalable solution. This paves the way for future integrations. Mobilizing legacy systems with Unified Mobile App has several advantages. You can seamlessly, share data where it’s needed to automate business processes. It provides users a 360-degree view of business critical information.

This paper explains how to build a Unified Mobile Application to Integrate (SFDC), Oracle
E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Taleo, Outlook and Kofax Modules.

To learn more, download whitepaper.

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