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Will finger printing technology, sharper camera and larger display in Samsung Galaxy S5 benefit Enterprises?


Samsung Galaxy S5The Samsung Galaxy S4 which has been one of the most popular Android phones mainly because of its 5 inches screen size and high resolution camera has its successor scheduled to be launched on 11, April 2014 across 150 countries. The new S5 from Samsung with a full HD display & 5.1 inches screen size, slightly larger than Samsung S4; higher resolution camera of 16 mega pixels than 13 mega pixels in S4 and better speed & performance with 2.5 GHZ processor is expected to attract more users. As per Gartner, Samsung had a 31% market share last year, compared with 16% for Apple, while other smartphone manufacturers were below 5%.
Other than the physical appearance and improved performance, Samsung S5 has exciting features for the users packed into the device – heart-rate sensors, finger printing sensors, LED flash with auto-focus, water & dust resistance. These features will be useful for enterprises across industries such as retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, logistics and many more.

Significant Features
This new device from Samsung which runs on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat comprises of interesting features which are unique and improvements in existing functionality. The five special features of S5 which we presume will enhance user experience are:

  1. Finger printing technology – sensors installed based on biometric technology for scanning and used in secure screen locking.
  2. S Health v3.0 software – fitness tracker to monitor and record personal fitness such as exercise , diet, and inbuilt sensors to monitor heart-rate.
  3. Auto focus camera – HDR camera with digital zoom used to capture pictures of 4640×3480 pixels photo resolution.
  4. High speed connectivity & download booster – fast internet access with 5th generation Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0 BLE/ANT+, NFC, IR Remote. The download boosters enhance data speed by bonding Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously.
  5. Better battery life – Ultra power saving mode with talk time of upto 21 hours.

Use Cases of S5 Features across Industry Segments
The new features and functionality of S5 are certainly advantageous to consumers. Nevertheless, enterprises will benefit from it too. Here are few examples of how S5 will impact some of the industry segments:

  1. Retail – the large screen size with full HD display provides better view of products listed on In-Store Catalog mobile application for the sales personnel.
  2. Healthcare – heart-rate sensors can monitor the heart rate of patients which can be interfaced with other healthcare applications to keep a track and to transfer information to hospital data systems along with other patient’s details.
  3. Financial Services – the high resolution camera is useful to capture high quality images for remote check deposit application by back account holders. Also finger printing scanners support secure payments which is critical for mobile banking applications.
  4. Logistics – high resolution camera is useful for barcode scanning of products and high speed connectivity support quick data transfer of customer details into corporate data management systems.

Samsung being the world’s biggest smartphone has edge over its other competitors.Both the earlier versions of this new phone S4 and S3 have been a mega hit with over 40 million sales and 50 million sales respectively. These two flagship products (smartphones) have driven Samsung to overtake its rival, Apple Inc in smartphone sales globally. The 5.1-inch screen display with a 1080×1920 pixel full-HD resolution, powered by 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 5th generation high speed network will definitely influence users to purchase. This device will not just influence other mobile eco system players such as UX designers, mobile application developers, service providers, telecom operators, system integrators etc. it will also impact enterprises too. Mainly because of the rising popularity of BYOD concept in organizations and increasing demand from employees to access corporate data access anytime, anywhere.

With the right mix of vigorous features embedded in the device and Samsung’s marketing focus to promote their new devices globally as they usually do, Samsung will definitely make a mark with this new gadget among consumers and enterprise users.

We definitely think this large screen display phone, yet handy is a great phone for enterprise mobile application users. How the features will affect the employees in different organization is something we wouldn’t completely judge right now. We will need to wait and watch in the next couple of years after its launch. However, given that we see many of our customers supporting enterprise mobile applications on Android devices (especially Samsung), we are expecting current S3 and S4 users to migrate to S5 which Samsung portrays as a faster device.

Kavyanidhi Narayan

Marketing Manager, RapidValue Solutions

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